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Probate Estates

Losing a loved one is an emotionally exhausting and stressful life event in and of itself, let alone having to work through confusing paperwork and legal protocol during that difficult time. Whether your loved one had a will, a large estate or a small one, most estates do need to go through the probate process with the court.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an option for everyone. It is the forward-thinking process of controlling your assets during your lifetime, as well as how they will be distributed after your death. Most importantly, estate planning offers peace of mind to you and your loved ones. By establishing a plan, you are freeing your loved ones of the emotional and financial stress that accompanies managing and distributing your assets after your passing.

Probate Litigation & Appeals

Unfortunately, there are times that an experienced litigation team is needed to address issues of interpersonal or financial conflict in the planning or administration processes. The Darren Findling Law Firm also provides appellate services for all types of probate cases, whether we handled your case in the lower court or not.


A guardianship for an adult may be necessary when a person is impaired and is unable to make or communicate informed decisions regarding their medical care, general health and wellbeing, and placement. A guardianship for a child (minor guardianship) may be necessary when the parents will be absent from the child’s life and unable to provide care, such as in death, incarceration, extended in-patient mental health, substance abuse treatment, or hospitalization.

Deceased Defendants

If you're a personal injury attorney pursuing a claim and the defendant is deceased, you need to have a representative appointed for the estate of the defendant. The Darren Findling Law Firm serves statewide as representatives of deceased defendant's estates so that you can continue your litigation. We understand the timelines involved and can make sure that we secure a timely appointment to avoid dismissals, even next day.

Elder Law

Thinking about planning and protection for a loved elderly is something which will always happen. This could mean finding long-term and nursing home care, planning for Medicaid, Medicare, retirement income and Social Security. Protecting assets also needs to be planned for. It can also mean planning for someone who is disabled and finding housing options suitable for them. Most important, and an overlaying statement, we look to end and prevent elder abuse.

Veteran Benefits

The Veterans Benefits Administration provides many different benefits to veterans, and their families. The benefits include compensation service, pension and fiduciary service, insurance service, education service, loan guaranty service, vocational rehabilitation and employment service.

Special Needs Trusts

Some families must assume special responsibilities in order to care for a loved one who will require help through adulthood due to physical or mental challenges. To help these families, The Darren Findling Law Firm offers Special Needs Planning. This planning uses state and federal Trust Laws to protect the assets of a person with disabilities.

Trust Administration

Trust administration typically proceeds without the involvements of the probate court. Trust administration refers to the process of gathering trust assets, accounting for the assets, income, and disbursements, paying debts, expenses, and taxes, and distributing the trust property according to the terms of the trust agreement.

Meet Our Legal Team

Nicholas D. Laudato, Esq.

Nicholas D. Laudato, Esq.

I spent the first seven years of my career working as a general practitioner in Northeast Ohio where I’ve been a lifelong resident.  This experience allowed me to realize my passion for assisting individuals in avoiding the unnecessary complications of estate planning and when necessary making the process of probate as straightforward as possible.  This ultimately led me to team up with the Darren Findling Law Firm to open its Ohio branch.  As an attorney at the Darren Findling Law Firm in Ohio, I am here to assist you with your needs in estate planning, probate administration and other legal matters that may arise in the probate courts of Ohio.  I bring effective communication and imaginative strategies to your legal needs to achieve the best results for you.

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Wendy Kobza

Wendy Kobza

As a Paralegal at The Darren Findling Law Firm, PLC, I’m the real boss! I assist with the day to day management and growth of the Ohio office in Independence. I am often immersed in client files preparing the essential probate pleadings to keep each case on track. I’ve been in the legal field for over twenty years, first starting my journey in a small solo firm which focused in family law.

Jennifer Cali

Jennifer Cali

As a legal assistant with The Darren Findling Law Firm, my responsibilities include gathering information and directing calls, processing in-coming mail, and providing assistance to our attorneys, paralegal, and clerks in any way needed.

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